Yamaha planning to launch YZF-R4 250cc


Yamaha planning to launch YZF-R4 250cc


There is a news roaming in the net about the new bike that Yamaha is planning to roll out and to our surprise it’s a 250cc four stroke four cylinder sports bike.

Yamaha launch the bike in three different colors and has a love at first sight looks.

Although the parts which are loaded in the bike are from R1 in terms of the rear fender and R6 in terms of the side and front fairing and R125 in terms of rear view mirrors the bike still looks hot.

Although Yamaha has not commented nor acknowledged about the bike and the news published,

we know that Yamaha doesn’t have a strong competitor in the 250cc sports segment, I think it’s the right time Yamaha plunges into this segment giving Kawasaki and Hyosung a tough time.

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131 Responses to “Yamaha planning to launch YZF-R4 250cc”

  1. Saumen Roy says:

    Same quistion when and how much?

    If it is between Rs 175000 to 200000 then definitely I am waiting for you.

    30bhp and Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin, OHV,4 valves per cylinder?

    Fucking yamaha please launch as early as possible.

    I am liking you

  2. iesraq says:

    when YZF-R4 250cc landing in my country, i think that will booming,
    we’re waiting for yamaha with 250cc to fight against kawasaki and honda,
    so, after R4 coming, i can say ”bye2” to them, who bring Ninja or CBR 250.

  3. sidharth singhal says:

    plzzzzzzzzz make it fast

  4. Miss Yamaha says:

    If this picture really is the R4 then good job yamaha, you really did your homework on what your fans love about the YZF-R series and smashed it all into the 250. I’ve been waiting to buy this magnificent machine and i’m getting impatient.. This is going to be one amazing bike. So EXCITED! Hurry UP!

  5. Miss Yamaha says:

    this better be launched in the philippines!!!!!

  6. Cal says:

    I ma having one of these, even if it does not come to the UK market!! with soaring fuel prices and insurance costs thsi beauty fits right into my needs!! tell us when will this be for sale ASAP!!

  7. mrs yamaha says:

    please launched in nepal

  8. yamaha says:

    launched in nepal

  9. dennis says:

    this bike will be my first cant wait

  10. Sabir says:


  11. Douglas says:

    Estava prestes a comprar uma ninja 250r, estava muito empolgado, mais depois que fiquei sabendo dessa notícia, espero um pouco mais por este diagrama da perfeição, parabéns yamaha, é só lançar aqui no brasil que irei adquirir.

  12. gilson peres moris says:

    Gostaria de saber mais informações sobre esa motocicleta.
    Ela é linnnnnnnnnnnda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tem previsão de qdo poderá estar chegando no Brasil?
    Aguardo respostas

  13. pratik kamble says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzz launch this bike as soon as possible in india i am wating
    anw what will be it

  14. HMU90_yamaha says:

    please come malaysia…..i wait for this R4…….

  15. steve says:

    wtf are u waiting for.. hurry and bring to malaysia. it will be sold like hot cake..

  16. anton says:

    please launched in Indonesia

  17. robertson nalliah says:

    dear,sir or madam,please let me inform when yamaha 250 is coming to malaysia market,bcoz im planing to buy asap..thank you soo much..

  18. Daniel smith says:

    i have 150cc scooter and i am know ready to move up a little and purchase a 250cc bike and learn. This bike looks
    amazing and i would love to have that on the block. can someone please email me the info on this and one question… How much? i want that for Christmas. Cant wait to see more on this one

  19. James says:

    lol yamaha has no intention of making r4 at all.. why are you guys so excited about r4? keep wishing and dreaming guys.

  20. RickJason says:

    huh…so pretty………start to save for this R4……..but when it come to Malaysia?

  21. James says:

    Okay,, since all of you want to be the buyer.. when it comes to the market, I want to be the seller.. hehehe. So Yamaha, let me be the dealership in South Eas Asia..

  22. ramzul says:

    please launch in Malaysia…kawasaki and honda already launch they 250cc sport bike.

  23. Razziq says:

    when this bike gonna lauched at malaysia ? i can’t wait ! ;) please make it early .

  24. Sid says:

    Guyz @ YAMAHA plz roll out the R4 ASAP.
    I want a big brother to care for mah chick -> R15 v2.0

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  26. abdul malik says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz launch fa me YAMAHA

  27. Anjan m dandoora says:

    Am waiting to buy it plz plz plz nd plz leave the bike to market……… very soon……!
    - Anjan m dandoora

  28. ah pong says:

    please i need buy yamaha r4 im waiting for you

  29. Lucifer says:

    its been 2013 n i still dont heard anything bout this machine been launched. is it for real or just joking by yamaha??
    many of us waiting for the appearence, i mean dying to see this new bike to come out, but still not happen till today. hopefully yamaha will announce the YZF 250R4 launching very very soon. as others, i do also love to have one of this machine.

  30. hardy says:

    plzzz yamaha launch it man…. i’ll be your 1st buyer

  31. romy a says:

    make quick the soonest possible to launch r4, i am waiting

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