Updated Price List of Haier Air Conditioner Split & window Prices in India


Updated Price List of Haier Air Conditioner Split & window Prices in India

Haier Window AC Price List (Cost)

- Haier-HW 24CL03V – 24,000/-
- Haier-HW 18CL03 AH – 18,500/-
- Haier-HW 18CS03 BV – 18,900/-
- Haier-HW 18CS03 AV – 18,200/-
- Haier-HW 18CS03 AH – 16,800/-
- Haier-HW-12LN03 – 14,750/-
- Haier-HW-09LN03 – 10,900/-
- Haier-HW-12CK03 – 14750/-
- Haier-HW-24VX – 22,800/-
- Haier-HW-18CIO1 – 17,500/-
- Haier-HW-18CIO2 – 16,900/-
- Haier-HW-18ZX – 17,800/-
- Haier-HW-18CY03 – 18,100/-
- Haier-HW-18VX – 17,000/-
- Haier-HW-18AX – 16,700/-
- Haier-HW-12CIO1 – 14,900/-
- Haier-HW – 18CRVX – 13,800/-
- Haier-HW-12VX – 13,750/-
- Haier-HW-12DX – 15,200/-
- Haier-HW-10-VX – 10,000/-

Haier Split AC Price List (Cost)

- Haier-HSU 12CR03-Y – 23,500/-
- Haier-HSU 18CR03-Y – 28,500/-
- Haier-HSU 12CVY03 – 21,000/-
- Haier-HSU 18CVY03 – 26,200/-
- Haier-HSU 24CVY03 – 31,300/-
- Haier-HSU 09LEA03 – 15,500/-
- Haier-HSU 12LEA03 – 20,000/-
- Haier-HSU 18LEA03 – 25,400/-
- Haier-HSU 24LEA03 – 30,500/-
- Haier-HSU 09LE03 – 16,000/-
- Haier-HSU 12LE03 – 19,000/-
- Haier-HSU 18LE03 – 24,500/-

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