Royal Bank of Scotland Chennai Branch Address & Contact Number


Royal Bank of Scotland Chennai Branch Address & Contact Number


The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.
KRM Towers, No. 1, Harrington Road,
Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031.
Bank by Phone 2822 8472
Fax : +91-44-28240951
Branch Banking Timing
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 7.00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday / Bank Holiday: 10:00 am – 2.00 pm

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32 Responses to “Royal Bank of Scotland Chennai Branch Address & Contact Number”

  1. venky says:

    please send all rbs credit card deposit box

  2. janakiraman says:

    I deposited iob bank cheque at citi bank atm, unfourtaly that cheque came to you rbs bank. now i got clearence letter from citi bank . i want to met manager and collect my cheque. plz give me details for how i can get that my cheque.

    Thanks & Regard’s
    janaki raman.M

  3. karthikeyan p,m says:

    Suddenly my credit card limit is reduced kindly et me know the customer feedback email id

  4. Karthikeyan says:


    Reference: RBS debit card no. 5318 2095 0011 9816

    I have used my RBS debit card in HDFC ATM machine to withdraw cash (Rs.6500), But in HDFC ATM machine I had a problem that the cash has not come out of the machine but my balance is reduced by Rs. 6500.

    HDFC ATM no. S1ANMD82. DATE : 29/07/10 .

    Transaction no. 6790 Time: 01:25 Balance : Rs.10356.22
    Transaction no. 6792 Time: 01:26 Balance : Rs.3856.22

    The cash (Rs.6500) has not come out of the machine in transaction no. 6790. Immediately when I took out the debit card and inserted again my balance is reduced in the Transaction no. 6792 as 3856.22.

    Please rectify the issue.



  5. logesh kumar.D says:

    I want to know balance of this account no 43483002, name DR DANIEL MPKA

  6. Auxiliya says:

    In our folio Lakshmi Educational foundation we have the account statement reflecting the investments in REliance Mf and HSBC MF. Can u pls send us the folio numbers of the same. Ac/981149.

    also send the contact addressand email id of the person(RM) who handles this account.


  7. selvi says:

    Dear sir,
    I Want your contat no. because i want LAP loan

  8. raja says:

    i got only pin number , how can i get RBS documents..please refer me

  9. naresh says:

    i want to apply creditcard of rbs can u plz let me know procedure

  10. naresh says:

    i want rbs creditcard executive number

  11. Hitesh says:

    Hi All,

    I am getting the error as Not a Valid User for Online Registration can any one let me know why this error occurs and when it occurs. My card is master card only and entered all the valid information which was given to me by executive

  12. Bhavana Ispat Pvt Ltd says:

    I want e-mail ID for EMI Statement

  13. arasu says:

    why the rbs is putting unnecessary charges for my credit card.without intimation i have got 2000 as membership fee.though i had asked the customer care they told pay only the selected amount for purchase.but now i have got a overlimit fee of 600.

  14. anita balyan says:

    my card no. 5415382400721981 the said card in the name of ms anita balyan i do not want to
    continue the above said card because you are charge membership fee
    because i do not want to hoed your card so please cancel the card and
    revers the membership fee.

  15. Kanag says:


    I want to close my RBS Corporate bank account (Chennai Branch). Please let me know what steps i have to take to close my RBS account. Please provide the contact Email id and Phone number.

    (I got another bank account from my present employeer. So RBS account is not required in future).


  16. saranya says:

    I didn’t get pin number.Eventhough i got permanent card,still i am using the temporary card only because of not getting original pin number.Could you please give me pin number as soon as possible.

  17. BALAKRISHNAN says:

    I have received a e-mail from royal bank of scotland regarding
    coco-cola lottery winning… i got a mail from at(30.10.10)the mail persons are corrrupt with your bank name,s so you are not to take action immediately in future the peoples not belive & trust with your bank. iam forwarding for all maisl for your kindly attention.

    Yours truly


  18. anu says:

    i need ur guinndy branch address

  19. Mahboob Shaikh says:

    My net banking password can not be changed

  20. Laxmikant Mishra says:

    I have an account with you .1000446 at Chennai.

    Transferred Rs.70000 from this accoungt to Reliance growth fund some 3 years back as suggested by your Customer relation manager Ms. Shradha .Have the folio details but not getting any update on that investment.
    Tried to connect your bank by phone to mutual fund department but no response even after 20 minutes wait on phone.
    I think you have wrong mail id in your record like so I am not getting any mail update.

  21. P.RAMESH says:

    Dear sir,

    I had submitted a request on closure of my OD account no. 1078357 on 31/12/2010. But till now I didn’t receive any confirmation on the same. Kindly arrange to send the confirmation to my mail id ASAP.


  22. E Ganesakumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am getting call at my office landline number 044-42236860 from your bank for more than two months asking for Mr. Naveen Francis. I have informed them everytime that there is no Naveen Francis available in this number. However, I am getting calls repeatedly which is disturbing my office works. Today I got a call from Mr. Arun of collection department and he did not even listen to me what i was telling which is a clear sign that your people are not interested in resolving the issue and interested only in making a call everyday. I contacted your Mr. Sanjay – Executive over landline and he too was irresponsible to my quiry. Hence, I request you to kindly take up this issue of Mr. Naveen francis and delete or modify his contact number from your database correctly.

  23. kamaraj says:

    pls send to ambuthur in chennai adresss

  24. joseph pushparaj says:

    I am power of attroney holder ..the deposit in EDINBURGH br.
    Ifyou clarified the details for that deposit.I transfer 1/3 in chennai branch..pls clear all my details in our direct meet.cell no 9840420050

  25. Daid says:

    Its so hard to contact these guys at RBS…..

  26. RINU says:

    : Need Assistance
    Dear Team,
    This D.Rinu from chennai , i have applied for personal loan two weeks before in RBS , and one of your person collected document form me such as Bank statement, ID proof , Address proof and Photo. After three days he ask RS. 2500 for commision to process the document, i gave him that amount , but still now he didnt gave any file number or information to me , when ever i call him he was not attending my call but each and every time number is busy and going in second call. He was not responding my call at all , His Mobile number is +91-7358262855. Kindly help me and get back to me as soon as possible . I want to know the status of this, Since I called customer service they said that they don’t have any record or file not yet open still now , Kindly help me out.




  27. sk.manojkumar says:

    i am residing at chennai i wanted to open a saving account in your bank can you guide me to meet a representative of your bank please………….
    my contact No: 988 444 8800

  28. isaac newton says:

    Dear sir,
    iam a seamen i have account in rbs chetpet branch, everymonth i recive my Estatement on my mail id.when i try to open and check my statement it ask for password.But i dont know my password, so pls send my password to open my statement.

    thank you,

  29. C V VISHWANATHAN says:

    Dear sir

    I have received from Lloyds Tsb Bank uk london, Royal bank of Scotland, visa atm card
    I received, further enquiry with you I need your mail-id chennai branch royal bank of scotland

    I need your bank e-mail-id very urgent.

    Best Regards

  30. C V VISHWANATHAN says:

    Dear sir,

    I want your royal bank of scotland chennai branch e-mail-id
    further contact by via mail.

    Best Regards


  31. BIJILAL says:

    i would like to know that how i can receive my prize money from your branch if it is transferring from your delhi branch to chennai branch… and i would like to know about the security systems relating receiving the prize money…

  32. kalaiselvan says:

    I want to close my RBS Corporate bank account (Chennai Branch). Please let me know what steps i have to take to close my RBS account. Please provide the contact Email id and Phone number.
    (I got another bank account from my present employeer. So RBS account is not required in future).
    kalaiselvan R

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