Lowest Price Car from Maruti Suzuki – Maruti Cervo Price & Feaures in India


Lowest Price Car from Maruti Suzuki – Maruti Cervo Price & Feaures in India

Maruti Cervo is a Small Lowest price car from Maruti Suzuki India.The new Maruti Cervo is a 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine car producing maximum power of 60bhp.It is a 4-seat passenger car with small boot space.

Maruti Cervo Car price is between Rs.1.5 lakh – 2 lakh.

It is a fuel efficient car with good mileage.The expected Maruti Cervo mileage is 22 kmpl in City and 26 kmpl on Highway.It is costlier than the TATA Nano car but is the second cheapest car in India. The new Maruti Cervo is a youth targeted car.

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16 Responses to “Lowest Price Car from Maruti Suzuki – Maruti Cervo Price & Feaures in India”

  1. humayoon shakeer says:

    Maruti cervo is atracting car.I am intrested in maruti Cervo car , Waiting for its launching. I like CERVO car by its look, Is this car suits me? pls, Inform launching date in Calicut , kerala, india & give Details of Model, Specification, Colour, Price & How booked this NEW CAR , This is my dream car & Please inform me via Email , My Contact number is 00919995134419 / 00919497209882 / 0097155 – 8041102 /

    Thanks maruti suzuki.

  2. muskan says:

    hii i like this car very much …but i m more interested if it is available in diesel ……and when is it launchin in amritsar , punjab India….please reply soon

    thanks maruti


    I am very interested maruti Cervo car style. Please inform , How booked CERVO CAR & LAUNCHING DATE IN CALICUT, KERELA.
    Contact-09142592151, 9847165563, 04953133007.

  4. Debabrata Debbarma says:

    second cheapest car in india Maruti Cervo is really youth demanded…………….

  5. Debabrata Debbarma says:

    pl inform me how booked Maruti Cervo.Agartala,Tripura
    Contact no 9436457515

  6. bunny says:

    hey guys font be so passionate abt this car it may not be launched in India….even if launched it may be substitute for Alto r A-Star…

  7. Mrinmay Ghosh says:

    i & my wife too much interested to buy this car. its outlooking so cute …………………we are waiting for its launch………..

  8. Dharam Pal says:

    I & We wait of Maruti Suzuki Cervo Car for purchase last Two Years. ?? ????? ?? Suzuki ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???/ Because, I purchase this Car. So inform me, ?? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? /

  9. MANI says:


  10. Pradeep V says:

    hi i am interested to this car…………………. please inform when it is relesed also inform diesel version price also………….
    we are waiting for you maruthi cervo ……………………….. come quikly

  11. suresh says:

    hi i am interested to this car…………………. please inform when it is relesed also inform diesel version price also………….

  12. Vicky says:

    We are looking for that is with in the our budget . We like it

  13. Vicky says:

    We are looking for that type of car which is with in the our budget . We like it

  14. swangchan says:

    suzuki company is best company in the world.
    maruti is on of the fraud company inthe world.
    maruti suzuki swift is a good car.but
    maruti swift is a local car
    maruti suzuki swift has suzuki engine.
    maruti swift has local engine.
    there are two types of swift car.
    first is maruti suzuki swift that is original car . this swift car has suzukiengine. there is inprint suzuki name on the engine. buy
    second is maruti swift, that is local car. this car has no suzuki engine. that is local or fake engine.there is no inprint suzuki name on the engine.
    if you have any dought please check your car engine.if your car engine suzuki ,that is original.
    you ask your dealer they also tell above said.
    maruti suzuki swift engine is import from japan.
    maruti swift engine is make from scrap material.
    maruti collect the scrap material from other car company like tata, fiat and they are making local engine.
    so dear friends don,t buy maruti swift. please buy maruti suzuki swift.
    please chech car engine is it suzuki engine or local or fake engine.

  15. swangchan says:

    hello sir” maruti swift zxi is very bad car in india.because this car has local engine.it has many problem.there is no inprint engine name.some swift car has suzuki engine. some of the cars local engine.why this differ.car body s are same , but engine is differ.do you know the answer? please tell me sir. because i have swift zxi 2011 model car. i asked my dealer about my dought, they can”t tell answer.i wrote a letter to maruti company 20 times but there is no reply from maruti company.i think maruti is a fraud company in the world.do you know maruti company is original or local company? swift car is local or original? swift car engine original or fake? swift engine has inprint suzuki name or not? dear friends tell me answer please!

  16. Amol says:

    Hi I am interested to buy this car & waiting for its launch in mumbai

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