Dr.Tripti jain Raaz Pichle Janam ka Punar Janam NDTV Imagine show – Fake or True ?


Dr.Tripti jain Raaz Pichle Janam ka Punar Janam NDTV Imagine show – Fake or True ?

I have Posted one article almost one month back named “Raaz Pichle Janam Ka NDTV Imagine Reality Show & How to Participate in it” when this show was going to be started. but you can’t imagine i have recieved almost 500 comments collectively on all the post regarding this on my Blog . isn’t it really surprising.

But one question arise in my mind that is this show is really a honest show or they are making fool of people. Personally i dont believe in all this Pichla janam or Punar Janam.

I want to ask this question to you people also .Please do write your views here and let other people know fact behind this concept that is this kind of thing really exist or not.

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56 Responses to “Dr.Tripti jain Raaz Pichle Janam ka Punar Janam NDTV Imagine show – Fake or True ?”

  1. Anesh Kumar says:

    Sir /Madam Main Anesh Kumar from Meerut (UP) se hoin. Yes, mai bhi ese fake samajta tha parantoo jab se Swargiya Ashmit (singar)ke Mata our Pita ji is progrem main aye hai tab se meri soch main badlav aaya hai . Sir kya main is programme main pahoonch sakta hoin kripya mujhe uttar jaroor dain chahe wo kisi bhi prakar ka ho.

  2. simran says:

    muje lagta he ki sayad ye ek theoraphy he.hum ne mahabharat ke prasango me bhi Purvajanam ke bareme sna he. muje koe anubhav nahi he. lakin visvas he.

  3. soniya says:

    Kya Such me Asa hota he? I can’t believe it. Jab Hum T.V. pe dekhte hai tab lagta he ki such me hum purvajanam dekh-sun pate he? Ya ek Hipnotism he?

  4. nami says:

    sir mujhe b iss pr puri tarah se vishwaas nahi hai k aesa ho sakta hai .mujhe aesa lagta hai k har ek insaan k minnd me ek imaginary story hoti hai.jo kee 1hour k maditation se ek puri real bankr saamne aajati hai.per me ise 100%fake nai bol sakti,kahi kahi thoda trust b hota hai.10%trust mera aur badh gaya jab hamare janne walo me se ek banda show me aaya tha(koi yadav jo hoshangabad se th)wese mene b ek story mail kee hui hai lekin abhi tal koi callletter nahi aaya hai.me jarure ek baar jakr dekhna chahti hoon k ye kitna such hai.

  5. Shubhankar says:

    If you want to solve your any problen of the past and present life ,I hope Past Life regression can help you definitly.
    Any type of phobia,mania,nightmare, unusual relationship,happening,grief,pain, heavy loss etc may be associated with your pastlife. Swami Vivekanad ji believe in reincarnation alongwith several intelectual people in this world including Kabir Daas ji, and some modern research scintists etc. I hope can help you by imparting this information.

    most popular social reformer, Dr.Raman is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist; He has treated thousands of people so far. Recently one doctor challenged Dr.Raman to trat hinm and to take him(Dr.Sachinder ) to his past life in presence of his family. Dr.Raman accepted this challenge and took him under regression in presence of his family members. After 30 minute Dr.Sachindera ,A cordinator of management college entered in his past life in the year of 1912 and started speaking long slokas of Sanskrit during Past Life Regression Therapy (PERT) given by Dr.Raman in presence of his family members.Though he had given this therapy to several people ,but his family members were surprised as Dr.Sachinder kumar is entirely among Hindi-speaking people but was able chant long and difficult slokas Sanskrit. He told that His name was Sunderam he lived in a village resides close to the KONARK SUN TEMPLE in south india in his past life .Once he survived from snake bite and at the age of 60 he commited suicide along with his desciples in guilty and anger due to the shortage of goods during yagya in presence of monarch in 1912. Acording to research Dr.Raman says that this case of non sanskrit speaking man who started speaking is the one of the best example of the xenoglossy .

    He does not know sanskrit and chanted long slokas during regression.His prother started writing these sentencec and wrote more than two pages narrated by Dr.Sachinder kumar and his family members were surprised.His body language during regression was as if he is living in past and bearing the pains .In this life he does not know Sanskrit and this case seemed of xenogllosy. His family members were too much surprised and shocked.

    Infact Dr.Sachinder had nightmares and after his regression done by Dr.Raman now he is absolutely free.
    Those who have some problem,phobia etc and do not believe ,I hope Dr.Raman can help them to solve their problems and hope that surely they can believe this reality.If you know someone who need guruji or wish to learn these therapy can contact/ call them or get their regression to remove their problem based on scientific facts /proofs. Just call guruji on 09259640064 or mail him at trainerraman@gmail.com
    I hope he will definitly help you.
    Wish you a good luck and happy life.

  6. Preethi says:

    Hello ji,

    Mein manti hu ki yeah show real hai aur peechala janam hota hai aur mujhe aise kai sawalo ke jawab mein dhudti rahti hu jo mujhe aaj tak nahi mile hai. mujhe koi trupti jain ka no. de do pls

  7. Abhishek Pawar says:

    This is true, if u understand the concept of light. you can see your past if you can travel much faster than light. scientists are working towards this and may be someday we will be able to defeat light and can travel into past and future.

  8. Mohini Malkar says:

    My boss Mr. Deepak , who is like father to me, knows me since 2004.

    We met in Sept. 2004 for the first time. Till then we were not known to each other at all. He was working for an american institute as Director and wanted a good candidate as his Secretary. I went there for an interview which was just a coincident.

    Actually, I went in another company in the same area where this american institute was situated. My husband called me saying that in the same area where u r in now there is one more opening in an american institute go n just try ur luck. So i went there for interview and met Mr. Deepak for the first time. when I entered in his cabin he felt as if he knows me since many years. I dont know, but at once even i felt as if i ve seen him somewhere. After some days again he called me for second round of interview n selected me. Since then we know each other.

    Till today he feels the same for me. He always tells me that he feels that he should do something more for me. There is something which is to be done but not yet done for me. I can not understand this. Can you help him to find his past so that he can get all the answers about our relation. He wants to know that whether I was his real daughter in his past birth.

    About this, already Mr. Bagai has sent an email to NDTV Imagine around one month back but there is no response. When he sent the mail immediately after that this program release has stopped. Can u please tell us when this program is gonna start again?

    Kindly respond as soon as possible to help Mr. Deepak.


  9. Arti Gupta says:

    hi mam…..
    My brother is 30 year old. He is suffering from `SCHIZO-EFFECTIVE DISORDER’ as stated by doctors. He has a genetic history of the same. He used to behave in little odd way but we used to think that each one is different, so we ignored it. Four month before he started saying that he is talking to GOD, he gets messages from him, he can promote or demote anybody etc…..etc…..
    he also told us that what ever is happening to him is due to his sins in this last birth. he said that he had killed sombody in his last birth and five biths before he had raped somebody…..
    We are very confused with this. Medicines are not showing any kind of improvement and his condition is deteriorating day by day…

    please help me



  10. tanpall says:

    who is my life partner?

  11. girish valsangkar says:

    my wife is saffring from giddiness from three year

  12. sofia saha says:

    ma hamasha sochti rahati hu ma zindagi ma aga jaka kya karunga par mujha kuch samajhma nahi ata ha .n i always belive in punar janam.n i love this show.or ma hamasha kuch na kuch sochti rahati hu par kya sochti hu mujha khud pata nahi ha.

  13. minal says:

    meri bohut jada icha thi ki aapke show pe aau or aapne pichle janamo ka pata lagau mene aapka season1 dekha tha to es bar bohut jada icha or jarurat tjanam jankar es janam ko sudharne ki me bohut pareshan hu altime i feel like to end up my life meri age 23yrs hai aapke es season ki entry date to nikal gai hai but still i want u 2 help me either on screen or of screen. i will b waiting for ur reply.please help

  14. Deepmala says:

    Hi Madam,
    I am Deepmala . I am suffring for head pain last 15years. plz help me. plz give me 1 chance in this show.
    Thanks & Regards

  15. meetal says:

    Sir/Maam we are late for the registeration
    my aunty and uncle loss their son in an accident
    i think they have a similar story like ishmit and shaker sumon they want to participate in the program can they com plz do rply to me on my email address
    i may be waiting for the call

  16. RAVI JAIN says:

    i am not well i want to come to raaz pichale janam ka so please accept me ,
    i think i have multi persnality so pleasy i am in ver tens

    ravi jain mob 9964736965
    hubli 580028 karnataka

  17. poonam says:

    Me punarjanm pr vishvas thoda bahut karti hu muje gahare paani se bahot dar lagta hai n jane kyon me gahare paani k paas jane se darti hu mujze log kahete hai ki tuzpe karni hui hai tuz par aatma ka saya hai mai in baton ko nahi manti pr ha maine kahi bar ye mahsoos kiya hai ki koi to hai jo muzje bachata hai ek bar main hospital me admit thi raat ko 2baje mere salain khtam hui me gahare neend me thi tb kisine muze hilaya or jab main uth gayi to vaha koi nahi tha muje malum hai ki muje utane vali aatma koun thi pr kya naata hoga mujse mera? kya sachame mere pr bhut ka saaya hai ? konsi assi chiz hai jo har bar muje sanket dete hai ki ye mat kr vo kar , kyon vo aatma muze har baat semahfooz karti hai Idont know me soch soch kr thak gayi muze mere in savalo ka jawb kahi nahi mila main aapse ye ummid karti hu ki aap meri ulajan sulja sakhe….

  18. radhika says:

    hi mam,
    i m facing lot of problems which can not be explain, matlab mujhpar jyada log blame karte hain.kam umer me hi logoki bate sunani padti hain aur jo log mere sath pahle bure hote hain wo mere sath badme aache ban jate hain.aur main jo sapne dekhti hu, wo normal hote hain par jyada se jyada sapno me ek bat mujhe sochne pe majbur karti he. plz mam aap mujhe call kariye plz

  19. rajesh says:

    sir p i am police man ,as a asi in haryana polce crime branch and also joytish achrya vadic vastu lal kitab and writer in all subject in joytish dramik etcand dricter tv dramik prog in aastha sansker sadna etc i want to come to raaz pichale janam ka 09355530544

  20. rajesh says:

    sir i am police man as a asi in haryana police crime branch and also astrolger vadic lal kitab vastu etc.one side police job and one side astrology.i want raaj pichlla janm ka pl help me .my no 09355530544

  21. rohan says:

    muje is ke baremai janeki bahot icha he pur muje dur lagtahe k wesa jo aap karte he to koi problem hogi toh. par me 1bar toh aapke pass aana chahunga or aapne pichle janam ka raaz jarur janunga .

  22. Irfan khan says:

    iam irfan khan from hoshangabad M.P…. me transport buisnes karta hoon. me muslim hoon or muslim samaj me punar janm galat mana jata hai lekin mujhey bachpan se ek sapna aata hai mene is sapne k bare me apne famile ko bhi bataya magar …..

    me bohot pareshan hoon me apne pichley janam k bare me janna chahta hoon pls…..

  23. Irfan khan says:

    iam irfan khan from hoshangabad M.P…. me transport buisnes karta hoon. me muslim hoon or muslim samaj me punar janm galat mana jata hai lekin mujhey bachpan se ek sapna aata hai mene is sapne k bare me apne famile ko bhi bataya magar …..

    me bohot pareshan hoon me apne pichley janam k bare me janna chahta hoon pls…..


  24. S. Sinha says:

    may be it’s too late, I would love to participate if there is any possibility, even now ….

    I am 56 years old. I do have suffocation problem since my chilldhood. I couldnot even sleep on the lower birth of the 3tier coach of a train. I am scared og caves…….. and so on …..
    closed dark rooms terrify me.
    other than this…. I anticipate some accident all the time…

    best regards.

  25. rocket says:

    hey ..dont make people fool by ….doing this kind of freaking damn sico ..program….
    may be u all are solving few ..peoples …problem…but ,,,be informed that you all are making thousand people …sico and crazy about …. life………………..
    totally confused………………………

  26. Mahi Singh says:

    Dear mam & Ravi sir,
    Good Morning
    This is Mahi Singh from Uttrakhand Dehradun. I saw your programm RPJK its reailly very nice. Ialso trust you and your programme, sir /Mam mai bhi apke is programme mai participate karna chate hu meri ek problem hai I hate two thinngs 1. Boys 2. Marriege mujhe ladko s aur shadi naam se hi bahut jyda nafrat hai mujhe jab bhi koi ladka dekhta hai mujhe lagta hai i kill him, shadi k naam s he mujhe nafrat hai magar mere ander ek aise power hai jis s mujhe anne wale vippati ka ahsaas phale ho jata hai, mai kisi bhi insan ko dekhkar uska pura future bata sakti hu, i do not what is this it is any mently problem or what but its true, hope you understand me.
    Best of Luck
    RAvi Sir/ Tripthi Mam & all the RPJK Team

  27. arunima says:

    tripti mam/ravi sir,
    This is Arunima from New Delhi.I saw ur programm RPJK, its really nice.
    Mein manti hu ki yeah show real hai aur peechala janam hota hai aur mujhe aise kai sawalo ke jawab mein dhudti rahti hu jo mujhe aaj tak nahi mile hai.so i would like to participate in this programm.
    i have 3 problems (1).mujhe gehre paani se bahut darr lagta hai (2).i dnt know but kuch 5 no. ka fanda hai life mein jo bhi kaam karti hun vo 5 no. se jhudha rehata hai.(3).mein jis raaste se aati hun tho ussi raste se vapis jaati hun…….mein bohot pareshan hoon me apne pichley janam k bare me janna chahti hoon bcoz shayad yeh sab baatein mere pichle janam se taluk rakhti ho….i hope u will understand my problem so kindly help me.

  28. munmun saha says:

    Respected mam/sir,
    I want to know why I still finding my true love? I donot know but I think that I am still waiting for him. I want to know about that. Dunia me bahut sara emotions, hai par yeh soch mujh par keu sab se yada havi hota hai. Mujhe lagta hai main usse dhund rahi hu par woh mere aspas hote hue v nahi mil raha hai. I believe in re-birth, so plz…… help me, I shall be grateful to u.

  29. Dinesh Kumar says:

    I believe this is just a psychological hypnotism and nothing true int. It would have been better if the cases of children/people claiming of remembring their past life are thrioughly verified and shown. In this show everybody is able to go to past, but I think they are not able to understand the script of those languages. I believe this is a totally fake show.

  30. RAKESH NAYAK says:

    my son rakesh naik is alwayas try to say about his past life. he has a prablen for abdomen pain which is not curing by continuos medicine . his age is 24+years. i want to meet you and want to know his past life whethet this problem is due to his past life.

  31. hemant buradkar says:

    Mai Chandrapur Maharashtra me rahta hu muze punar janm per pura vishwas hai. Or main Sab ko batana chahata hu ki aadami paapi hone ke wahjase usako punar janm lena padata hai. Eesliye gaye janm ka pap ke wajahse use agle janmme dukh zelana padta hai. Muze bhi es shown me aana hai please muze aaneka mokka dijiye. Esjanm me main may aadarsh aadmi bankar es puner janm se mukti paneki koshish kar raha hu esikohi MOKSHA kahate hai.

  32. manoj says:

    i can 100% guarantee you guys that this program is fake, sort of trick trying to make it popular and grab as expensive advertisement as it can. This is a trick to push back a person sense to imaginery world so please just entertain from it but don’t be fooled. we people are really very silly.

  33. suchu says:

    suchu says :
    November 29,2010 at 11.05
    I am not well I want to come to raaz pichale janam ka so please accept me

  34. ratnesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I Want to E-Mail Id of (Dr.Tripti jain ) Becose I have a Big Problem in my life.

    So, Please Send me E-Mail Id & Cell No of Dr.Tripti jain


  35. Bipin says:

    I like to consult dr tripti jain parsonally.

  36. B M Beriwala says:

    Main pichhle janam me purnataya viswas karata hun tatha yah manata hun ki yah vaigynik tathya hai. Ise ek therapy ke dwara purnataya jana ja sakata hai ki nahi yah vivad athawa sodh ka visaya ho sakata hai kyonki kabhi kabhi hamari supta manyatayen bhi kisi therapy ke dwara ubhara sakati hai par pichhala janam ka jana- jana sarvatha asambhav nahi hai. Main bhi apne pichhale janam ke bare me janane ko bahut utsuk hun.

  37. DR. RAKESH JAIN says:

    I strongly believe in punarjanam.

  38. DR. RAKESH JAIN says:

    how i can contact u to resolve my problems.

  39. Somi says:

    Dear Madam,

    I vvould like to request you to either kindly get intouch vvith me at my email i.d or leave your contact details so that I can reach you asap… I badly need your guidance and Support.


  40. Ajay Kumar says:

    Is there registration going on because I want to know about my past through this method. I believe strongly in such things. There are many example in the world such people know about there past life and its shown by the best scientific channels DISCOVERY.
    But your method is amazing how you handle all the situation during the past life tour and also wish him/her for bright future. Kindly take this reply as my registration if possible provide me a chance to journey to past life.
    since I am working very hard for me and my family but never get success.

  41. Charu Thapa says:

    Dear Tripti Madam/ Ravi Sir

    Mein charu thapa Delhi mein mera birth huya uske baad mein delhi mein padi abhi mein graduation complete huon lekin meri ek problem pehle se hai ki mein pani and ucchayi se bahut darti huon lekin yeh problem ki wajah mera punarjanam sochti huon magar kisi ko batana nhi chahti thi kyun ki aaj kal koi bhi pichle janam mein vishwas nhi rakhta mujhe khushi hai ki ndtv imagine par ek show aata hai jisme dusro ki problem ko solve ki jati hai madam aap meri problem solve karein jitna jaldi ho sake pls meri taraf request hai choti bachi samjh ke problem solve karna ok.


  42. Diljeet Kaur says:

    I want to consult u abut my problems…
    Kindly give me your id so that i can consult u n get my problem solved.,.

  43. rishi says:

    me manta hu ki ye sab hota hoga lekin jab tak khud par nahi aajmaya jaye tab tak visvash karna muskil h.

  44. bobby sharma says:

    i was married for 7 years and my wife i truly loved and we had a baby boy together. he was very attached to myself and my mother (dadima) and the rest of teh family, but she tried everything she could you possibly do to keep him away from me and my family.i have not seen my son for 4 years and i am crying inside because she wont let me see him. i believe something may have happended in my pichle janam as i am suffering now in the life. i am from the uk and would love to be part of your show or is there any possibilty having a 1 to 1 with dr Jain? please contact me via the email provided. thank you.

  45. vishwa bandhu shasma says:

    dear sir
    aatma amar hoti hain.hum aur lakho janam le chuke hain.sareer ki umar hoti hain atma ki koi tmar nahi hoti..ache karmo se achha bgagya banta hain aur bure karmo se bura bhagya agle aane wale janmo me banta hain.ye hi satya hain.aur ye hi ishwar ki puja bhi hain.is liye sada sad karm bina lobh lalach ke karte rahne wala subh0bhagya ka adhikari banta hain.mano bhahe na mano.

  46. vishwa bandhu shasma says:

    dear sir
    aatma amar hoti hain.hum aur lakho janam le chuke hain.sareer ki umar hoti hain atma ki koi tmar nahi hoti..ache karmo se achha bgagya banta hain aur bure karmo se bura bhagya agle aane wale janmo me banta hain.ye hi satya hain.aur ye hi ishwar ki puja bhi hain.is liye sada sad karm bina lobh lalach ke karte rahne wala subh0bhagya ka adhikari banta hain.mano bhahe na mano.09837279823.

  47. vinod kumar says:

    plz i want to contact to you by email and ph no.

  48. pradeep mahorkar says:

    I want to know about my past please contact me!

  49. Sanjeev Setia says:


    is there any online service like Deathclock.com or Onlinehoroscope.com etc. which can tell or mail us over PUNARJANAM detail. if yes then plz send me that site address. THANKS

  50. SATISH says:


  51. Suroj + Anita says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    Sir mai kolkata se hu. Mai abhi 32 saal ka hu. Mai bachpan se 2 swapna dekhte aarahu. a) Mai ek jaiga me baitha hu aur ek ladki mujhe round de rahi hai, white nithy paheni hui hai, khula hua curly hair. Jiski name hai GOPA aur hum dono ek dusro ko bahut payer karta hu. 2) Ek train aah rahi hai, mai train ke piche bhag raha hu, Mera piche 10-12 admi gunda leke mujhe bhaga raha hai. Aur mujhe bula raha hai BIJAY rukh ja, BIJAY Rukh ja, mai daurte daurte train me char gaya. phir oh log bhii train me mujhe pakar liya. Bahut baris ho raha tha, lekin train ke andar to baris nehi aah sakti hai, phir oh gunda log chatri khulke mujhse baat kar rahi aur oh chatri bandh kortei , oh ek talwar ban jata hai, aur mujhe oh talwar se mar dete hai. Iyhea 2 swapna mai bar bar dekhta hu.
    Uske baad mera saadi ho gaya, mera 2 baccha hai. Abhi 2 hapta baad mujhe ek aurat se mulakt hui, Jiska name hai Anita, Usse baat karte karte maine usko , apna swapne me bare bataia, abse tajjab ki baat start hua, ushladki ki nick name hai GOPA, or oh ek swapna dekhti hai, jisko leke , uska name hai Bijay, Aur oh ladki mujhe kaafi kuch bataia. Uske baad maine usko bataia tha jo addma mujhe marna chata hai train me, ushka chereh ka bibran dia , to oh chere ekdum hubuhu milta hai ush ladki ka Pitaji ke sath.
    But now she is also married, she has two kids.
    But after all those things we got Physical relation,
    But now we both wants to know the mystry , what was happened with us .

    Pls. Help us, Kindly

    Thanks & Regards,
    Suroj + Anita
    Ph.: 9163366686, 9062041000

  52. akash goyal says:

    hello mam…my birth date:_13may,1996……mujhe lagta hai ki mai koi simple ladka nhi hu …mera andar koi shakti hai…..mai pura india par raaj karna wala ladka hu…plz batao yeh sab such hai

  53. akash goyal says:

    plz reply my id…..mujhe lagta hai ki mai koi aam ladka nhi hu…plz batao

  54. ms deval says:

    hello mam muje mere punr janm ke bare me janna he pl s muje mere id me bataiye ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15/12/1980 mera janm din he

  55. ms deval says:

    pls mera pahele ka kya jam tha uske bare me bataiye
    pls pls pls

  56. nirmalyaneogi says:

    mai punar janam me purna rup se bishwas karti hu karan hindu sastra ise manyata di hai. swami vivekananda ne bhi ese satya kaha. mai apne pichhle janam ke bare me jaanna chahti hu. plz mujhe sahayata kare.mai kishanganj me rahti hu mera naam nirmalya neogi hai.

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